Tattoo Removal Instructions

Tattoo removal - When patients consider removing tattoos, mostly discussing the matter with regard to their own situation – you can remove my tattoo? Fortunately, with today’s technology, most tattoos can be removed completely. This article will discuss what the tattoos are easily removed, which are more difficult to remove, and those that are very difficult or unlikely to leave.

Tattoo removal patients seeking to remove tattoos have the opportunity that was simply unavailable 10 years ago. Modern Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser tattoo removal use very short bursts of energy to break the ink in a tattoo. The wavelengths of light are absorbed by the tattoo or its intensity and short duration are able to break the pigment particles. Some colors may respond more easily to the wavelengths of light generated by the laser.

The 1064nm wavelength is very effective disintegrates darker ink – black, brown, blue, purple, black, etc. The 532nm wavelength is used for lighter colors – red, orange, green, yellow, etc. These combination two wavelengths in the same session of the clinic allows tattoo removal in Dallas to successfully remove most tattoos.

But some tattoos have a color that makes them much more difficult to remove. Specifically, patients with a light green or blue / green (also called Teal or turquoise) tattoos sometimes face an uphill battle to get their tattoo faded as they want. Whatever the laser used if certain colors are present in the tattoo, only 50-70% of the ink can be removed. For some patients with only a small part of that color in their tattoos, it’s a good result. But for patients with significant amounts of blue / green ink, they can be satisfied with the results, and they deserve an honest assessment of the tattoo removal clinic, before starting treatment.

 Tattoo Removal Some tattoos are almost impossible to remove, but fortunately these are rare. white ink tattoos often cause difficulties because of the nature of a metallic ink, and because the laser is reflected however, is absorbed by the tattoo pigment. Tattoos Glow-in-the-dark for the same reasons lead to difficult to remove.
Some tattoos are very dark and have lots of pigment in them. They can be covered with tattoos ups before, or a tribal tattoo that is very rich in ink. These tattoos can often be completely eliminated if the colors are correct, but may need several sessions – maybe 10-15.

Other factors that influence the rapid tattoo can be removed include: the age of the tattoo (old tattoos are easier to remove than new tattoos) and the ink density (the thick, dark tattoos tend to take more sessions than light, faded tattoos).

For more information, to remove a tattoo, please call the hospital, which specializes in laser tattoo removal. The experts will undertake a series of procedures for tattoo removal process daily experience gives you the best advice and the latest equipment and training.